Recent Faculty Grants

Dr. GiShawn Mance Awarded RCMI Grant

Dr. GiShawn Mance, associate professor, was awarded an Investigator Development Core Award through Howard University's RCMI to conduct research over 2 years. The award provides $100,000, to Dr. Mance's Network Project which seeks to utilize a participatory approach to explore stressors, symptoms, and coping for Black adolescents and emerging adults (ages 16 – 25) residing in an urban context. More specifically, the project addresses key areas of public health concern and seeks to reduce the negative psychological outcomes that acute/chronic stressors, trauma, and race-related stressors may trigger. Partnering with community members to provide a cultural context to the research findings seeks to better understand coping processes and supportive networks for Black youth and emerging adults. 

Recent Faculty & Student Publications

Bygrave, D. C., Gerassimakis, C. S., Mwendwa, D. T., Erus, G., Davatzikos, C., & Wright, R. S. (2022). The Role of Race in Relations of Social Support to Hippocampal Volumes Among Older Adults. Research on Aging44(2), 205-214

Winston‐Proctor, C. E. (2022). “It’s Something to Own”: A Psychobiographical Exploration of the Life Story of Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama. Journal of Personality

Freeman, K. E., Winston-Proctor, C. E., Gangloff-Bailey, F., & Jones, J. M. (2021). Racial identity-rooted academic motivation of first-year African American students majoring in STEM at an HBCU. Frontiers in Psychology12, 669407

Kang, E., Omigbodun, O., Oduguwa, A., Kim, W., Qin, L., Ogunmola, O., ... & Bella-Awusah, T. (2021). If we build it, they will come: Caregiver decision to use an accessible outpatient psychiatric service for children and adolescents in Nigeria. Social Science & Medicine279, 113972.

Kang, E., Mbonyingabo, C., Qin, L., Mwemere, G. K., Charvonia, A., Snyder, J., ... & Kimball, C. N. (2022). Is outgroup prejudice passed down generationally in Rwanda after the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi?. Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology28(1), 49


Leslie Hicks Symposium

The Leslie H. Hicks Research Symposium was initiated in 2005 as a tribute to Dr. Leslie H. Hicks who is celebrated as a pioneer in the field.  One of the first African Americans to receive the Ph.D. in Physiological Psychology, he served as the Chairman of HU Psychology Department for 31 years, where he initially spearheaded the effort to establish a Ph.D. program in Psychology (1968), making Howard University the first HBCU with a Clinical Psychology Program accredited by the American Psychological Association.  In his honor, the Hicks Symposium annually celebrates the research excellence of our student/faculty scholars.


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Family Health Psychology Lab (Director: Linda Berg-Cross)

HealthPARC: Health Promotion & Risk Reduction Research Center (Director: Denée T. Mwendwa)

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Barden Lab (Director: James Barden)

Capstone Institute at Howard (Director: Wade Boykin)

Howard University (HU) ADVANCE-IT (Co-Director: Cynthia Winston-Proctor)