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641 S Street, NW, 3rd Floor
Washington, DC 20001
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We are a dynamic unit within a comprehensive research-oriented institution. Consistent with the university's mission and core values, our department is committed to providing an educational experience of exceptional quality to students from internationally diverse backgrounds.

Our faculty members are actively engaged in innovative research that provides an opportunity for students to learn about rigorous scientific methods, while asking empirical questions about human behavior and mental processes. Emphasis on exploring these questions from the lens of an African diasporic experience is a unique aspect and strength of our program.

Recent News

Welcome to our new Psychology Department home at 641 S Street NW, 3rd Floor. This new space (managed by the Mark) will be a central space for faculty, students, and staff to host gatherings and meetings. Please sign in at the 3rd floor reception desk when visiting. The faculty look forward to seeing you in our offices... or on the rooftop terrace (yep, that's right).

Welcome our newest faculty Dr. Davis Dixon

Dr. Dixon is assistant professor (Developmental Psychology) and proud Bison alumni. Dr. Dixon's research explores the cultural identity of students across school type; predicting student academic outcomes as a function of perceptions of mattering, belonging, and trust; and exploring the match/mismatch between student and teacher perceptions of school climate and the subsequent academic outcomes that stem from these perceptions.

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